Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trouble always finds me

So I made some comments last night on Facebook in regards to this picture:

Steven Dick
LOL! Yeah... true. But, I'm more curious how the teabaggers are going to fare in general elections. We've only had one general with a tea bag candidate, and they lost, lol.
...and woke up this morning to this:

 [Other Dood] 
I'll ask you to kindly drop the sexual slur in relation to tea party members. That type of rhetorical garbage suggests an inability to accept that others might disagree with your political ideology for legitimate reasons.
Just because someone thinks government spending is out of control, Congress is trying to do too much, and that increased regulation is likely to be increased BAD regulation does not make that person a douche bag.

...And as we all know, I can't not argue.   So I replied with the below, but felt it reached sufficent length to be postable as well, lol.
I refuse, in all times, to give up my free speech, so no.  Should [Mutual Friend] choose to delete them in the interests of protecting your feelings, thats fine, her post, her fb wall, her choice.  Also, one who tea bags would by definition have nothing to do with douching.  
Additionally, for a 'party' who is against government spending, where we you (the party, not you) when the Bush presidency was spending the money for two wars and not putting on the books, but instead in the national deficit?  Where were you when he set up an unpaid-for prescription drug plan?  As for regulations, we've had 8 years of Bush deregulation, which ended with the current economic disaster, precisely because of deregulation.  And for most Americans, taxes haven't been this low in years.  So yes, I do have a low regard for this 'party' who is using the same old sound bites to agitate a lot of uneducated (politically or otherwise) because they lost an election, and are willfully using racial undertones to do so.
  I do not believe the tea party is about any of the things it's actual individual people want to believe in, it is about fear mongering, and winning the next election by pointing out the president is black, and trying to throw the mis-applied term 'socialist' at him enough times until it sticks (considering how many useless bargains he's made trying to get bipartisan support, he's a very moderate democrat, as his presidency goes.)  So yes, I do hold the tea party as a joke, and an insult to the american political system, and I will continue to call them by the name THEY coined for themselves, without ever stopping to check the facts (which seems to be a recurring problem): tea baggers.
That all being said, I don't know YOU.  Maybe you're one of the 5% or so who really do beleive in small gov't, lower taxes, etc.  I choose to beleive that a freind of [Mutual Friend] is the later rather than the former.  But if thats true, you're surrounding yourself with a poor choice of people.  And if you see a racist sign at a rally and do nothing about it, you're sanctioning it.  If you see a sign thats a lie (death panels, for example), and do nothing about it, you're allowing those people to define your movement.  I think that our government works best when we come to a middle ground and work together.  I have no problem with, and in fact encourage, thought based opposition to everything I believe, with real facts and more importantly, a willingness to see that the best way for the most people is in the middle.  I would not want to live in a world where the crazy-ass liberals (aka, those I agree with) were in total control, not because I think it would be a bad place, but because I think thats 's not how America was supposed to be.  

Update: 'Other Dood' schooled me with this well-reasoned response:

I'm not asking you to give you your "free speech." I'm asking you to not be unnecessarily offensive when expressing your opinion. Asking you to be polite is not an attempt to censor you.

The rest of your screed shows that you A) assume your knowledge is complete and B) don't care if it isn't. So you've made yourself clear.
So while my screed, and yeah, I went on a bit there, was lengthy, I certainly gave him plenty of room to clarify his position on the tea baggers party.  But instead I guess he choose to get the last word in.  Shame.  Old Usenet me woulda ripped that boy to shreds.  All-growed-up me knows when to leave the  racist-accommodating two-bit nut-jobs alone...

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