Friday, June 21, 2013

Stream of consciousness

This will be almost a literal stream of thoughts. No bitching.

So I haven't slept well in a while - I fall asleep, and then wake up with a sinus headache. And it leaves me so damned groggy in the morning.

I'm trying to work to help almost 60 stores with a project at work, and all I really feel is ignored and spurned for it. I don't understand how to get people to understand I'm trying to help them. So frustrating.

I want to write, I have all these worlds in my head, and I need to get them out. But I have such a hard time actually spilling it out in a coherent, linear fashion. So my answer to this is to practice writing by writing more, but I just always feel so blocked when it comes to actually executing the process.

I can't decide if my depression meds are not working, or if I'm just exhausted, or ... option C. I wonder if my Vitamin D levels are off, because I got a ton of sun yesterday and felt so much better today. Either that, or I'm Superman.

Speaking of Supes, I saw Man of Steel, and I probably need to crank a review out for Brandon.

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